Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir
by Alan Rifkin

"Exquisitely considered and built out with one impeccably gorgeous sentence after another, Rifkin's stories are as honest and fully, soulfully inhabited as I remember them being when I first read (envied, studied!) him in magazines. As journalism continues to change and favor the hot take and fast draw, this is the kind of writing I miss most of all — larky and searching, yet meaningful and often mind-blowing. Surprise yourself and dive in." — Hank Stuever, Washington Post TV critic and author of Tinsel

"One of the true LA originals, Alan Rifkin is easy to catch in the act of being brilliant. He writes with a diamond cutter's artistry about everything from swimming pools to swooning hearts and knows that 'there's as much ache as joy' in both. There are only a handful of writers who can make anything interesting, and whether he's dealing with monks, dolphins, telescopes or unhappy marriage, Burdens by Water proves that Rifkin is one of them."
John Powers, Critic-at-Large, NPR's "Fresh Air"

"Modesty, frankness and intelligence are Rifkin's trademarks — and oh, such beautiful writing." — Michelle Huneven, author of Blame and Off Course

"Alan Rifkin's memoir takes us to wild places: from a Capuchin monastery and a Chilean observatory to the San Fernando Valley and the personal past. Alive with deep comedy, honesty and grace, this is a terrific book." — Charlie Haas, author of The Enthusiast


Wounds to Bind: A Memoir of the Folk-Rock Revolution
by Jerry Burgan with Alan Rifkin

"A remarkable memoir. . . an intimate portrait of a boyhood friendship ripening into rivalry and then redemption." — San Francisco Examiner

"[D]elves much deeper than band history. . . an excellent, well-written chronicle."
Library Journal

“The fascinating tale of a band that paddled to the crest of a huge new wave in popular music and then got wiped out by it. A first recording session is captured as brilliantly as the chagrin of having to gig at a conservative university in Texas, where the band’s long hair and black drummer put them way beyond the pale.” — Record Collector

"[B]eautifully written . . .It's intoxicating to imagine a time when a single's debut would gather spellbound listeners around a radio." — San Jose Mercury News

Signal Hill
by Alan Rifkin

"Hauntingly beautiful, the work of a gifted storyteller with a sharp eye but a tender heart." — Los Angeles Times Book Review

"As incisive, eloquent and definitive a collection of L.A. stories as any since David Freeman's A Hollywood Education nearly twenty years ago, but from the other side of the psychic tracks, where desperation runs parallel with wisdom."
Steve Erickson

"A spot-on, weirdly life-affirming and terrifically written batch of stories. I could read this guy all day." — Jerry Stahl

"Rifkin writes with such startling originality and authority that you have to believe he'll be the next darling of the literary world."
Time Out, New York

"I was lured back to the stories in Signal Hill again and again. . .That’s you in there, riding the parallel rail on the same runaway train of thought." — OC Weekly




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